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On a beautiful Sunday of 12th March 2017. Vital Years SS15 organized an outing to Malaysia’s First and Largest Indoor Miniature and Train Exhibition which is located at the shopping complex in The Summit USJ.

On our arrival, we were welcomed by The MinNature’s staff at the entrance. A group photograph of the participants was taken and later given to all our students who attended the outing. Light snacks and refreshments were served.

The students had the opportunity to see and feel hundreds of beautifully handcrafted miniature dioramas and many other spectacular miniatures of Kuala Lumpur monumental and historical buildings. The sight of the miniatures made them felt like ‘Alice in Wonderland! It was awesome. They even ignited a volvano with the touch button. ‘Wow! Wow! Smoke’! Smoke! exclaimed the children excitedly. It was so realistic. The students had a terrific time exploring this beautiful and artistic mini wonderland. The tour was conducted in English. At the end of guided tour, the students learned about Malaysian culture and heritage. Really worthwhile for most of them.

The highlight of the outing was the hands-on workshop which allowed the children to develop their creativity and imaginations. It was mindboggling but challenging for them. The students made and painted their very own cottage. They decorated their cottage with little pebbles, grass and trees. The outing ended with a bang when the students presented us with their creations. The children were really talented and we were so impressed and proud with their creativity. We expressed our appreciation to The MinNature facilitators who were patient, helpful and attentive to their needs.

Everyone who participated in the outing had a jolly good time. It was truly an enjoyable and educational indoor activity for our students at The MinNature. The outing was definitely eye opening for all of us. It was a memorable outing.

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