VITAL YEARS Grammar Workshop 2017
20170320 WEBSITE EVENT - VY Grammar Workshop

VITAL YEARS Grammar Workshop 2017

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Grammar made EASY and SIMPLE by Mrs. Lam Kam Foong, the Originator of VITAL YEARS!

Day 1
We had fifty participants at the GRAMMAR WORKSHOP 2017 held in Taiping, which comprised of Centre Directors and Facilitators from the VITAL YEARS network. Mrs Lam Kam Foong made learning grammar seem so easy. She had such detailed notes prepared for everyone and even some exercises for every topic she covered so all the participants were kept on their toes throughout the day, yet everyone couldn’t wait for more!

Day 2
The GRAMMAR WORKSHOP 2017 concluded with participants gaining more knowledge and practice in the seven parts of speech covered. What a whole lot of knowledge has been imparted in just two days! Everyone had a good time at the workshop and it was a joy to hear beautifully composed sentences once everyone started applying their newfound knowledge. A big THANK YOU to Mrs Lam, and to all participants who made their way to Taiping to attend it!

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