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“Just to be able to speak is nothing special; but to be able to speak well requires nurturing.”
- Madam Lam Kam Foong, Founder of VITAL YEARS

1. Why is it important that your child should speak well?
English is said to be the language of progress and development. English dominates the world of trade and commerce; as well as in travel, social media and education. Speaking well in English helps the child to stay relevant in this fast-changing and challenging world.

2. What are the characteristics of a good speaker?
A good speaker is one who is eloquent, charismatic, articulate, influential, inspiring, persuasive, precise, confident, convincing, authoritative, effective and comprehensive. To speak well is a skill that has to be cultivated.

3. How can VITAL YEARS empower your child to speak English well?
Speaking well opens the door to a wider choice of career prospects, higher pay and a greater capacity to contribute to the world. VITAL YEARS aims to produce the speaker who can be all of the above through its iSpeak Programme, available in all VITAL YEARS centres in April 2016.

The VITAL YEARS iSpeak Programme is poised to empower your child to stand out and succeed in life.

To find out more, please contact the VITAL YEARS Centre.

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