Nuralysha Hanoum Ariff Putra Heights Centre

Nuralysha Hanoum Ariff
Putra Heights Centre

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My daughter Alysha was 2 1/2 years when we sent her to Vital Years. On my first visit to Vital Years to enquire about the programme, I was told that my child would be able to start reading in about 2 months time. I was skeptical at first and that was the reason I enrolled her in Vital Years. True enough, Alysha started to recognize words and actually UNDERSTAND them. And it didn’t take 2 months! Today, Alysha has become very expressive and talkative compared to her other cousins and friends who are older than her. I guess it is because of her wide vocabulary. She also speaks English fluently. She is now 3 years and 2 months old.

We enjoy writing down words she has learnt in Vital Years and let her read them to us. It really makes us proud. Vital Years is also very parent-friendly. I can always call or meet up with the teachers to get updates on Alysha’s progress.

What is it that I love most about Vital Years? Alysha enjoys going there everyday and will tell us about all her activities there. She also makes us sing songs which she learnt at school, especially the Vital Years song.

Izry Farany Md Ramli

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