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“For our daughter, Nivasheny age 3+, VITAL YEARS is more than a
learning centre; it’s more like a second home for her. Though I must admit that it wasn’t easy at all for her to settle in. I remember how she would throw tantrums in class but now she throws tantrums if we do not send her to VITAL YEARS! That is how much she loves and enjoys going to VITAL YEARS.

Initially, we wanted to send Nivasheny to VITAL YEARS just to get some exposure into the world of learning before she joins a kindergarten. We wanted her to mingle with other children and most importantly, we wanted her to start to learn English. To our excitement, in just 9 months she has surpassed all our expectations and is already in Stage 2 of the programme. Now she hardly breaks a sweat, for reading comes so natural to her. She sings, she plays and she makes us happy when she comes back from VITAL YEARS.

It has been nine months since we enrolled our daughter in VITAL YEARS and we have no regrets. In fact, we are greatly anticipating her further development in the English Language. Of course we want take this opportunity to appreciate and thank our dedicated facilitators at VITAL YEARS Taiping who brought about these changes into Nivasheny’s life.”

Thayalan & Sangeeta

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