Louis Beckham, 4 years old Hailey Natalie, 2 years old KIP Centre, Kuala Lumpur
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Louis Beckham, 4 years old
Hailey Natalie, 2 years old
KIP Centre, Kuala Lumpur

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I enrolled my son, Louis Beckham in Vital Years 5 months after he had commenced kindergarten at the age of 4. As English is not spoken in our household, I realised that he was lacking in the ability to communicate with his teachers in English and there were many occasions when he could not comprehend what was being said. I was introduced to VITAL YEARS by my sister-in-law, who had heard then that I was looking around for an English learning centre, which could help my child develop in all areas of the language.

True enough, after attending classes at VITAL YEARS for a month, he showed marked progress. His vocabulary improved and most importantly, he started to converse with this teachers and friends in English. He would readily pick up and flip through English books, a habit he had never displayed prior to attending VITAL YEARS. After seeing Louis Beckham’s progress, my husband and I decided to enrol our 27 month old daughter, Hailey Natalie at VITAL YEARS as well.

We would never have expected the difference it made, enrolling Hailey Natalie in the daily classes whereas Louis Beckham only attends lessons twice a week. Prior to attending VITAL YEARS, Hailey Natalie would refuse to listen to anything we said if we attempted to speak in English; her immediate reaction was to raise her hands and exclaim, “Please do not speak like that; I do not understand what you are saying!”. Such was her resistance to the language. However, after attending classes at VITAL YEARS, she now takes to the English language naturally and is confident when speaking in English. She has impressed my sisters with her language skills, so much so that they intend to send their own children to VITAL YEARS too. My children have even performed “mini concerts” at their own free will, entertaining us with songs learned at VITAL YEARS and stories before bedtime have become a routine in our home now.

We are impressed with the VITAL YEARS Programme and its pedagogy. Meanwhile, the Centre Director and teachers at the VITAL YEARS Centre display much dedication in educating the young, inculcating the reading habit in the children, facilitating their learning on a 1-to-1 basis and provide much motivation and opportunities for the children to communicate in English whilst at the centre. Seeing my children enjoy their lessons and learning in a stress-free way at VITAL YEARS makes it worth the while sending them to the centre.

We would like to express my utmost gratitude to the teachers at the VITAL YEARS KIP Centre for all their hard work and for playing an active role in moulding our children’s character. More importantly, they have ensured Louis Beckham and Hailey Natalie a solid foundation in the language. The experience has been both rewarding and priceless!

Alice Lim

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