Leonard Tan Zhi Cheng, 8 years old Sri Petaling Centre 
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Leonard Tan Zhi Cheng, 8 years old
Sri Petaling Centre

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I believe that having a good English foundation is very important for every child. In my experience, not every English learning centre has the ability to cultivate the reading habit but VITAL YEARS has done it!

In just a few months, my son Leonard is able to read storybooks and speak English fluently. His pronunciation and writing skills have improved tremendously. He even likes to write short messages and stories on his own, without any guidance.

VITAL YEARS’ motto ‘Reading Opens Doors’ is very apt. Leonard has picked up the reading habit and can now access all kinds of information. Being a reader has proven to be helpful, especially when it comes to spelling and writing, which he does so confidently now.

Thank you VITAL YEARS for providing such a good programme, and to the facilitators for guiding Leonard.

Chong Siew Nyoon

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