Annabelle LeePutra Heights Centre, Selangor

Annabelle Lee
Putra Heights Centre, Selangor

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My younger daughter, Annabelle Lee joined Vital Years Putra Heights since she was 2 1/2 years old. During the 1st month, I found that my daughter started to sing English songs at home. We were so excited! In the 2nd month, she could recognize words in the scrapbook and I found that she loved flipping through storybooks at home and even pretended to be a teacher, trying to tell the story to me! Currently, she has been at Vital Years Putra Heights for almost 8 months now. My family members and I are very satisfied with her progress thus far. This is because she has improved a lot in speaking, listening, reading (recognizing words) as well as her interest in books. Now, she can easily communicate with her brother in English at home. I also discovered that she is able to differentiate between past and present tenses and use them accordingly in her speech! I am so happy with her progress. Initially, I was quite worried about the capabilities of the teachers at Vital Years Putra Heights because they seemed so young. I always worried whether they were capable enough or experienced enough to coach all those young kids. Now, I admit that I was wrong after seeing my daughter’s results after 8 months at Vital Years Putra Heights. I will always proudly recommend my friends to send their children to Vital Years. Thank you. `

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