Parent-Get-Parent Promo 2019

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Here’s your chance to score free lessons for six months! There’s also a mini lucky draw at each centre, so head over to the nearest centre for more details!

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EBR 2018 STARTS NOW! Don’t miss out on the SAVINGS! Call the nearest Centre for more information.

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Parenting Talk on Learning Difficulties by Mr Alex on 22nd September 2018

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“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” At Vital Years, we hold true to the belief that every child is born a ‘natural reader’ and has the potential to learn. So, “Why is my child not learning like any other child would?” you might ask....

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About Us

Our Slogan

Reading Opens Doors

Our Programme

The VITAL YEARS Early English Literacy Programme recognises that children are natural readers, decoding and differentiating the sights, sounds and sensations around them from the moment they are born. Because our method harnesses the way in which they were BORN to learn, children progress …
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Our Vision

To make every child a literate child, and to instil in every child the love for reading.

Our Mission

To help children of all backgrounds to learn to read speedily and in a totally stress-free way and in the process to nurture the skills of writing, speaking and listening, and to encourage creativity and critical thinking skills.


Our Technology

Our centres are equipped with interactive SMART Boards to promote active engagement, collaborative learning and verbal interaction. The optimal use of the SMART Board puts us in the forefront of education, providing endless opportunities to enhance our children’s speaking skills and their ability to use language for …
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Our History

The VITAL YEARS Early English Literacy Programme was born out of a mother’s love for her children. By 1974, English Masters graduate Lam Kam Foong had taught every stage from pre-primary to university. A passionate scholar of language and linguistics, she became increasingly concerned about the literacy problems…
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