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Mr and Mrs Ong Kian Huat registered their 2-year-old son, Chuan Ler, with VITAL YEARS
Bandar Baru Klang. During the first week, Chuan Ler clung to his dear mum
and cried profusely refusing to let mum go.

However by the second week, he began to show interest in singing and listening to
stories followed by the verbalizing of words aloud. Week by week, his progress grew
by leaps and bounds. This confirmed the vision of the VITAL YEARS Early English
Literacy Programme.
Chuan Ler has obtained the key to unlock a wonderful world of words and

People find employment in different areas of profession and many factors drive them
to perform well in their jobs: a lucrative salary, attractive fringe benefits and prestige.
For me, I choose to teach young learners because of the following reasons.
I am a people-oriented person who loves to be surrounded by people especially little
children. To see these young minds absorb every input readily and eagerly thrills me
and enhances my love for teaching them.

This job gives me great satisfaction. Each day I go to work looking forward to new
challenges. Each child learns and develops at their own pace. I felt touched seeing
them flipping, browsing through books, loving to read books and expressing
their ideas confidently. It is so rewarding to know that they have inculcated a deep
love for reading a wide variety of materials such as fictional and non-fictional stories,
magazines and Internet resources.

Apart from that, I am excited to be involved in using the VITAL YEARS Early English
Literacy Programme. I am convinced that this programme can help children to
develop critical and creative thinking skills. For example, they are able to rearrange
words into sentences and they can complete the sentences through gap filling
activities. Eventually they progress to writing short compositions.

Another reason I love this job is that I can play a part in moulding the children’s
character and enhancing their moral values. This is achieved through listening and
reading stories with moral values, role-play and games.

The interactive SMARTBoard opens my mind to new teaching technology. Being able
to use it effectively encourages the children to listen and speak proficiently in Global
English. It has been said, “All the money in the world can’t buy happiness.” It is not
the monetary returns but rather the rewarding sense of achievement in seeing the
children enjoying the programme thoroughly that gives me much joy.

Being a facilitator enables me to be connected with people like the parents. Very
often, I am able to lend a listening ear or a helping hand to parents. Thus, this builds
a strong bond of friendship between us. There have been cases when I had helped
some parents to better understand their children’s needs especially in the area of
learning and discipline.

I am thankful to a few persons who have played a pivotal role in shaping and
moulding me to be what I am today. My late mother encouraged me to take up
teaching as a career; my late Sunday School Superintendent who gave me the
opportunity to teach at the age of eighteen; the author and consultant of the VITAL YEARS
Early English Literacy Programme, Mdm Lam-Leow Kam Foong, who constantly inspired me with
every keynote address during our annual conferences and certainly the excellent
programme which has been tested and proven to be effective. Last but not least, I
am thankful to God who has given me the gift of teaching and a passion for children.

In conclusion, I count instilling in every child the love for reading a noble mission
rather than a job. Aristotle said, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” I
know that I have found fulfillment. I have a purpose in life, a vision and a passion to
encourage children to become avid readers, making them knowledgeable and
confident in this challenging world. As the saying goes, ‘When love and skill work
together, expect a masterpiece.’ From this quotation by John Ruskin, I know that
with my teaching skill and a passion for young learners, I can make each one of
them a masterpiece.

Written by,
Susan Khoo
Full time Centre Director
VITAL YEARS Bandar Baru Klang

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